China Plans a $39 Million Mission to Mars

It seems that for China, some rivalries must take at another level, or in this case, to another planet. It is highly known that between NASA and the Space Agency it does exist some differences from projects, missions to performance. China is getting ready, however, to change its position by trying to reach the best results with one new purpose. The space agency embarks probably on one of the most daring projects so far. Chinese scientists prepare a mid-year mission to Mars, to get equal achievement with NASA and develop the nation’s technological strategy.

So, landing on Mars’ ground with currently an untitled probe would push President Xi Jinping’s to make some changes with its country’s status. It is known that China has already launched some rovers Moon’s ground, and is also ready for other challenging situations to achieve a rotating space station, explore space objects, and realize a lunar base. All of that until 2030.

As Emily Lakdawalla from The Planetary Society stated: “It’s about prestige, the demonstration of technological prowess on the world stage. If they can stick the landing, they will accomplish something amazing.”

China’s Mission to Mars Will Set New Records Worldwide

Chinese astronomers have many companies as they stare at almost 39 million miles away at what’s been dubbed as Huoxing, meaning “fire star.” Thanks to our planet and Mars being positioned so close in orbit, an event that occurs only every 26 months, this guarantees to be a breakthrough period for examining the planet that has offered so many SF tales.

The Chinese space agency’s schedule passed a significant test back in December 2019. For example, it achieved a successful launch of its Long March-5 spacecraft, aka “Fat Five,” to launch the craft into vast space.

So, with the rocket ready to start the mission, China can go on further with its massive 2020 launch program, which involved transporting another cargo to the Moon and proceed toward developing a space station planned to be ready by 2022, according to state released information.

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