China Prepares to Launch Rocket with a Rover Destined for Mars

China has moved one of its rockets into the proper position to potentially launch a new rover to Mars. The space agency has planned three missions to our neighboring red planet. Out of these, one from the United States and one is by the United Arab Emirates, the newest country that has entered the space race.

The Rocket

China’s heaviest-lift launch vehicle is called the Long March-5 carrier rocket and it has been used three different times, but only experimentally, so without an actual payload. China’s mission is called the Tianwen-1 and it has the aim of landing a rover on the red planet so it can gather data for a further scientific claim.

The rocket is currently scheduled to launch from the Wenchang Space Launch Center located in the southern island province of Hainan sometime in late July or even in the early days of August. This information was made public by state media reports that, on Friday, quoted the China National Space Administration on the plans of the agency.

History of the Chinese Space Agency

This mission is perhaps one of the most ambitious ones for the Chinese space program, which has advanced a lot since it was first launched with a crew in 2003. Ever since, the agency has managed to send astronauts in an experimental space station and work has begun on a much larger, much more permanent facility. A probe was even landed on the far side of the moon, which is not as explored as the one oriented towards our planet.

What the Missions Are Hoping to Achieve

The historical trio of missions that are set to occur this summer are part of a huge effort to find signs of ancient microscopic life during a scouting out on Mars. This scouting is made to make place for future astronauts. It would seem that all three nations that are participating in these events are hoping to start a colony on Mars.

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