China Releases a New Report About Its Mars Probe: What to Expect

China says Mars probe stable; no word on reusable spacecraft

China’s Mars probe, dubbed Tianwen-1, sent into space back in July, is now more than 15 million kilometers from Earth, traveling to Mars. 

The National Space Administration released a statement about Tianwen-1 recently. According to the report, the probe was stable and completed its first mid-course orbital correction last month (August). It will also be approximately 195 million kilometers from our planet when it lands on Mars, most likely in February 2021. 

However, the administration still has to release a statement about a mysterious reusable experimental spacecraft that arrived back on Earth a week ago after a two-day trip. Here is what you need to know. 

Tianwen-1’s Goals and Other Plans Unveiled

News about Tianwen-1’s status was released by the National Space Administration recently. The administration has to release another statement about another space project that involves the mysterious reusable experimental spacecraft. 

Tianwen-1 includes a rover, an orbiter, and a lander, and is one of the most daring Mars mission that China has developed. It also seeks to join the US in successfully reaching Mars’ ground. 

The space probe was sent into space aboard a Long March-5 on July 23, during a month when the US and the United Arab Emirates also took advantage of a shortened length between the planets to begin similar missions. 

China stated that the reusable spacecraft returned to its assigned landing site last Sunday (September 6), calling the trip a breakthrough that will indeed offer convenient round-trip transport to space at, of course, a low cost. No other details of the spacecraft’s configuration or the mission have been released. 

The recent success is seen as an attempt to place China on the front edge of space flight alongside other countries. China’s military-backed space program is truly incredible. It succeeded in developing quickly since it became the third country to put a man in space back in 2003.

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