Chrome OS 86 Makes all Apps Circular

Whether we like it or not, Chrome OS remains an interesting and reliable creation for those nice laptops called Chromebooks, and it can even be a suitable rival for the traditional Windows. Back in January, Google reported that 40 million Chromebooks are used for educational purposes all over the world.

However, the developers of the Chrome OS never seem to be fully satisfied with the results, and neither do the users. Therefore, the Chrome OS 86 update brings a little tweak for the design regarding the icons for the apps, and we’re happy to provide you relevant details.

Distribution of the apps for Chrome OS becomes circular

The creators of the Chrome OS had in mind to make a lot of the apps to showcase themselves over a white circle background, which adds a more pleasant view:

However, this is the old view of the apps, without the new update:

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Google goes all out

There’s a bright future looming ahead for the tech giant from Mountain View, as the company wants to keep focusing on Chromebooks, Android phones, the Stadia cloud gaming service, and also smart TV’s running on Android.

The Android 11 alone brings plenty of cool new stuff for smartphones, and one of them is a set of brand new emoji’s.

There’s a total of 117 new emoji’s up for grabs, and 55 are skin tone and gender variants. If you’re not determined which emoji to choose, don’t worry, as you’ll get to choose from within numerous categories. All you need to do is to make the update to Android 11 Beta 3, and you can take advantage of the new emoji roster with Gboard or other keyboards. Also, some classic styles of emoji’s are restored. For some people, they could get the new emoji’s after heading for the update to the latest Gboard beta while they’re running Android 11 Beta 2 and 2.5.

A staggering amount of almost a third of the world population is currently using Android devices (2.5 billion smartphone owners), and it’s obvious that Google’s operating system for mobiles won’t be dethroned from this position in the near future.

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