Clash Between Two Dwarf Galaxies Brings A New Galaxy To Life

A team of astronomers has observed the clash between two dwarf galaxies, and the result has been quite impressive.

The merger between two galaxies can be a highly reactive phenomenon, especially if a large amount of cosmic gas is present. As the two galaxies interact, they will release powerful shockwaves that pass through the gas, paving the way for the appearance of starbursts, powerful jets of energy, and the birth of a fresh galaxy that is different in comparison to the original ones.

Such an event has been studied in the case of mergers between large galaxies, but little is known about the phenomena which take place when smaller galaxies undergo the same process. It is known that dwarf galaxies are the smallest and most common type of galaxy encountered in the universe.

A new galaxy formed thanks to the clash between two dwarf galaxies

Despite the impressive number, dwarf galaxies are also incredibly faint, a trait that makes them hard to locate and observe. A team of researchers from the University of Science and Technology, which is located in China, has managed to observe a small and compact galaxy formed after two dwarfs merged.

Classified as VCC 848, the galaxy is currently passing through an intense period of star formation. It is located near the borders of the Virgo Cluster, at a distance of 65 million years away from Earth. An in-depth analysis has shown that three structures can be found in the galaxy. These shells infer that the galaxy appeared after a merger took place since the sheer intensity of the process can cause fractures throughout the galaxy.

It is theorized that the galaxies involved in the merger had a similar mass, and a mass starburst took place in the center for more than one billion years. New stars are being born in the outer regions of the galaxy. A paper has been published in a scientific journal.

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