CleanSpace-1 is the First Program to Collect Space Junk

​​Every spacecraft that stays in space leave behind a great deal of leftover harmful chemicals and elements that are a risk to space. The debris left by thousands of missions has allegedly messed outer space has increased the possibilities of deadly collisions with current and future space probes.

This is the reason why the European Space Agency (ESA) has scheduled CleanSpace-1, a debris collector made to clean up dangerous space junk, to launch in 2025. According to the company’s released statement, the point is to create a new market for in-orbiting care, as well as junk removal.

ClearSpace-1​ will be the premier spacecraft to aim for an actual leftover piece of debris. It sequences the past test expedition like RemoveDEBRIS, which launched to the International Space Station (ISS) back in 2018 and released small objects to capture in orbit.

Collecting Junk in Space

The probe is purposed with collecting VESPA, a 120-kilogram cargo adapter that left in orbit during the 2013 launch of a Vega rocket. ClearSpace-1​ will put to use a ‘Pac-Man system’ to collect the lost rocket part, said to Muriel Richard-Noca, the project manager for the expedition, in a recently posted video.

As soon as the spacecraft has captured the target, by enclosing it within a containment item, the mission chief will program it to lose altitude so that the jink can burn in Earth’s atmosphere.

Even though the program has been contracted by ESA, ClearSpace​ is a commercial activity created by space debris experts at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland.​ Space junk removal is a vital technology to make sure that spacecraft, which will launch in the future are safe.

However, the CleanSpace team also admits to this being an incredible business opportunity. This kind of space removal probes are going to be more required in the age of advanced space technology, such as SpaceX‘s Starlink program, which will launch thousands of new satellites into Earth’s lower orbit.

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