Climate Change: Risks Are Alarmingly High As Carbon Dioxide Levels Get High

climate change

The researchers are stating that there are alarmingly high risks for the evolution of humanity. Their studies have shown that the planet’s nowadays carbon dioxide levels are bearing a resemblance to those spotted 200 million years ago. At that time, more than half of the living species on Earth were at stake and the rest died because of the massive pollution.

The tragic event is referred to in history as the End-Triassic Event when impressive volcanic eruptions in large numbers have caused the rise of the carbon dioxide levels. The scientists have analyzed the Co2 concentration in the formation of ancient rocks and have determined the upcoming risks that the humanity will soon face.

The team of scientists was conducted by geoscientists Manfredo Capriolo. They analyzed the global event that started in the United States and finished in North Africa.

Climate change intensifies due to high carbon dioxide levels

The formation of this tragedy was determined by the warning rising temperatures, as well as the rise in the sea levels and the acidification of the ocean that eventually caused the eruptions.

The study reveals that the level of CO2 emitted at that time is alarmingly similar to the one produced by the industrial activities that the humankind is producing. The samples that were analyzed came from the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province. This area is seven million square miles and an oasis of research material for the scientists.

This alarming situation can be stopped if international cooperation is achieved. Back in 2015, an international agreement was signed by many countries in Paris. The primary purpose of this agreement is to keep the level of global average rise in a temperature lower than 2 degrees Celsius. In addition to this, if all the measures imposed by this article are respected by the countries, the possible outcome of this initiative is to bring the temperature at an average of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

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