Climate Change: The Last Five Years Were The “Hottest On Record” – Our Planet Is Boiling!

The effects of climate change are becoming more and more visible as time passes, as research proved that the previous five years were the warmest ever recorded.

An Alarming Report

The World Meteorological Organization recently published a climate report on the effects of greenhouse gases.

The report is an annual overview of the newest information from meteorological services and critical institutions around the world.

The Statement on the State of the Global Climate also revealed that the intense Australian drought and bushfire cases significantly impacted the planet’s climate.

Blair Trewin and Pep Canadel were among the many authors of the report. They stated that “It’s an essential record of the magnitude and speed of changes to global climate, drawing on the latest data from across the fields of climate science.

Global average temperatures in 2019 were 1.1C above pre-industrial levels.”

According to them, only 2016 was hotter, but that specific year came at the end of El Niño, which usually influences global temperatures.


Some of the warmest areas, where temperatures were more than 2C above average, are located in Australia, Alaska, northern Russia, eastern Europe, and southern Africa.

The only region with constant below-average temperatures was Central North America.

Human-made climate change is one of the core consequences of releasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Main Causes

Global emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels cumulated a record-breaking 36.6 billion tonnes. Oceans and vegetation absorb half of that.

The Antarctic ozone hole reached an enormous size, after an unusually early spring breakdown of the Antarctic pole vortex succeeded by sudden warming in the polar stratosphere.

If we don’t collectively work to stop climate change, the situation will only get worse, even past the point of no return, that would likely lead to extinction.

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