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Georgia Nica

Georgia Nica


I am very passionate about technology, music, and cinematography. Practically, I based all my life on this stuff! My first passion was and still is to write. I’ll bring you news about science, space, and health.

Vadim Caraiman

Vadim is a passionate writer on various topics but especially on stuff related to health, technology, and science. Therefore, for DualDove, Vadim will cover health and related topics.

Moise Alexandra Georgiana

Translation Studies Student, Germanophile, Loves Searching for Medical Facts.

Paula Tudoran

Known for her passion for writing, Paula contributes to both Science and Health niches here at Dual Dove.

Rada Mateescu

Blogging and posting articles for over 9 years, Rada Mateescu is especially enthusiastic about technology, science, and health-related issues. You'll find her articles mostly in the Science section on Dual Dove.