Coronavirus And Fake News: Don’t Believe Everything You Read Online

The new coronavirus, known to lead to the COVID-19 disease, has spread so fast in the last few months, we do not even realize how dangerous it is for the human race. It is a huge health concern for all of us, all around the globe.

There is no definite cure for this, and many people started to imagine the worst. There are almost 3000 people who have lost their lives. It first started in China, and then it spread to 176 countries.

Everyone wants to protect themselves and their loved ones, but most people believe all the fake news that’s all over the internet. Below, you can learn about what you should avoid during the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Outbreak Fake News Spread Online

Online ads

Some online ads out there will promise you specialized masks for coronavirus. You should avoid them at all costs. No kind of mask can protect you 100% against the new coronavirus.

N95 and surgical masks

N95 masks are not better than surgical masks. But if you only choose a standard mask, they would not help you that much. The size of the virus is so small, and it can pass through the N95 mask without a problem.

No oils and no medicines

You cannot cure yourself of the virus. There is no official cure for it yet. Some people want to take advantage of the situation and make money off innocent, scared people.

Do not look online for info

Most of the information out there is fake news about coronavirus, a thing that leads to a lot of other problems. Do not believe in test kits online. These are people trying to trick you by selling fake test kits and products. Messages online are made to scare you, so don’t believe everything you read, and make sure you listen to official sources.

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