Coronavirus: How To Protect Yourself And Others

Coronavirus is the “star” of the moment, worldwide. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you’ll hear all kinds of stories about the new virus that tingles the imagination of some sci-fi enthusiasts and triggers the creation of all kinds of apocalyptic scenarios.

Anyway, we have to remember that fear and panic are our worst enemies in such a case and we have to maintain our head out of the clouds and our feet on the ground.

Here’s some relevant info coming from the World Health Organization that we can all really use during this global crisis.

The COVID-19 is a new illness, and experts are still assessing the ways in which it can spread from one person to another. The Guardian offers a few steps which we can follow in order to protect ourselves and the ones around us.

Washing your hands

We have to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds with clean, running water and apply soap.

Covering the mouth and nose during sneezing/coughing 

When we’re sneezing or coughing, we have to cover the mouth and nose with a tissue and then throw it into the bin. If there’s no tissue, we have to cough or sneeze into the elbow, but avoid doing it in our hands.

Use face masks

These offer a bit of protection, but it’s important to note that these don’t block smaller aerosol particles that are able to pass through the material.

Seek medical help

In case of symptoms such as fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, we have to get medical help.

Avoiding live markets

Live markets should be avoided, but in the case of visiting one, you should avoid unprotected contact with the live animals and surfaces that have been in contact with them.

Avoid raw, undercooked animal products in affected areas

This has to be done, especially in the areas that have been affected by the new virus.

Stay home for 14 days if you returned from China 

People who have returned from China in the past two weeks should stay indoors and avoid contact with others for 14 days.

Check out more info in The Guardian’s original article.

Also, read more about what can spring (or cannot) do to stop the virus from spreading.

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