Coronavirus Mind-Blowing Effect On The Planet Might Surprise You

The coronavirus pandemic has a lot of effects on our planet, and it’s doing more than killing people and triggering world panic. There’s less pollution, and probably eh nature and animals are rejoicing during these days of lockdown.

But it’s just been reported that there’s also something else going on that might come as a surprise. It seems that the coronavirus may have caused Earth to vibrate less, and the global lockdown measures have led to a massive drop in the use of industrial machinery and transportation all over the globe.

According to Newsweek, seismologists said that ever since measures to curb the spreading of the virus have been put into place, there’s been a significant drop in the planet’s seismic noise, as the online publication says.

This is the persistent vibration of the ground as a result of more factors that also seem to include human activity.

Such vibrations are recorded by seismometers, which are the instruments used to measure ground motion. These are usually used to monitor earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

It’s been revealed that the background seismic noise has to be also taken into account when experts study geological events.

The lockdown as seen by a seismometer 

“The COVID-19 pandemic began in December last year, when cases of the virus were identified in the city of Wuhan, China. The number of cases rose quickly, and by the end of January, the World Health Organization had confirmed 9,826 cases across 20 countries,” the online publication writes.

They continue and highlight that “Since then, this figure has increased almost 100 fold.”

Lockdown brought a halt to a lot of industries and transport networks as well.

It’s also important to note the fact that this drop in seismic noise could help seismologists whoo are studying earthquakes and volcanoes to better monitor their activity.

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