Coronavirus Panic — Track The Expansion of COVID-19 In Real-Time

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made its way to Italy and South Korea, infecting a huge number of people. Both countries are going into lockdown as the virus keeps spreading wildly.

COVID-19 panic raises worldwide

There have been 80,000 infected people since last December when the virus erupted from the city of Wuhan, China. The virus outbreak took the life of 2,699 people so far, and now it made its way to Italy, South Korea, and Iran.

Europe is now the new focal point of infections with 200 infected people and seven deaths in Italy; all confirmed to be caused by the coronavirus. Italian officials have taken action against this outbreak and put about ten towns under quarantine after a third death occurred. All the towns are near Venice and Milan. However, by the looks of it, the virus is more than likely to spread even further as per the Prime Minister’s concerns.

Coronavirus affects more and more countries

“I was supposed by this explosion of cases. We will do everything we can to contain the contagion,” said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Another country to become a focal point of infection in South Korea with about 763 of infected people since the last December. Same as in Italy, the coronavirus took the lives of seven people so far. South Korean government is going to take all appropriate actions to combat the virus.

“The government will raise the alert level to the highest level according to experts’ recommendations,” said President Moon Jae-in. The epidemic seems to be spreading around the city of Daegu in North Gyeongsang Province.

Coronavirus tracker

You can now track the virus in real-time by clicking on this link:

The map will show you all confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

You can also keep track of the virus by using the map developed by created by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, US. Here’s the link:

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