Coronavirus Success: Massive Breakthrough Towards Finding A Cure Was Marked

It’s been just revealed that experts marked a breakthrough in this global issue regarding the coronavirus.

Researchers in Italy managed to isolate the strain of SARS-CoV-2 that’s responsible for the biggest outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe.

The coronavirus was able to infect more than 1500 people in Italy, triggering the second biggest outbreak of COVID-19 outside of mainland China.

On a global scale, the virus infected almost 90,000 people. You can track the evolution of the virus all over the globe by heading to this website.

On the other hand, it’s also important to mark the fact that almost half of the infected cases have been cured, as you will see on the tracking map featured on the website that we mentioned above.

Massive breakthrough towards finding a cure 

The whole world is doing its best to contain the coronavirus epidemic, but it seems that experts in Milan have been able to make a massive breakthrough towards finding a cure.

Express online publication notes that Dr. Maciej Tarkowski, a Polish biologist studying the virus in Milan, told the Polish Press Agency (PAP) that experts have isolated the Italian strain of the coronavirus.

“The pathogen was extracted from patients in Codogno, a town in northern Italy where some of the first coronavirus infections were confirmed,” according to the online publication.

Understanding if the virus can change 

The specialist said that the breakthrough would help show the differences and similarities between different coronavirus strains.

The biologist said: “What is new, is we have isolated the virus present in Italy, not the one from China. This is important because if we can get to know the RNA sequence of the virus from these patients, we can see if they are in any way different from those that were previously isolated from the ill from China in the Roman Spallanzani infectious disease hospital.”

He continued and highlighted that the virus from Codogno is an Italian strain.

He concluded by saying that by comparing the sequencing of the viruses could help us understand if and how the virus changes.

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