Coronavirus Warning: New Way Of Spreading The Virus Unveiled

The coronavirus pandemic seems to have become the nightmare of our lives. Everything changed since this global crisis began, and our daily life has become ruled by terror and uncertainty about the tomorrow.

The world passed 1 million infections, and the numbers are still going up exponentially. At the moment of writing this article, more than 1.017,000 people in the whole world have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Just the other day, we were reporting that the US lawmakers and members of the intelligence community have accused Beijing of intentionally under-reporting the scale of this terrible outbreak.

“The numbers seem to be a little bit on the light side – and I am being nice when I say that – relative to what we witnessed and what was reported,” the US president stated recently about China’s officially reported figures.

New ways of spreading the virus

It’s been just revealed by the NY Post that there’s a new way of spreading the virus out there. A new report claims that closing the toilet lid is extremely recommend during this global crisis.

A group of experts found that this bug is able to spread through fecal matter that is escaping from the bowl during a flush.

Aerosolized feces can transmit COVID-19 

Scientists have already addressed the fact that the diseases can spread from fecal-oral transmission, and now it seems that it’s been discovered that it can also be transmitted via aerosolized feces, according to the latest data coming from Forbes.

It’s been revealed that aerosolized feces can be propelled into the air via a toilet plume – the spread of aerosols.

“Close the lid and then flush,” according to a mechanical engineering professor from Purdue University, Dr. Qingyan Chen, told Forbes.

He also said that this was a simple solution to help control the spread of the disease through toilet plumes.

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