Coronavirus – You Have Been Lied About It!

American health officials are worried about the spread of fake news about the virus as some conspiracy theories have been circulating online. The World Health organization called such charades “infodemics”.

You might have already observed that social media is full of talk regarding the coronavirus.

“Where I’ve seen stories about it is through Snapchat,” a student said.

Even though there is some real information available online, experts fear that the misinformation is spreading at an alarming rate.


Some rumors are circulating online, saying that garlic can somehow cure the viral infection. AU Professorial Lecturer and Assessor with Poynter’s International Fact Check Network, Margot Susca, made it clear that it’s “just not true.”

Fake rumors and fake news can have visible economic effects, as it was the case with Corona beer, which saw a decrease in sales due to its name:

“Somehow, people have gotten it in their minds that the brand Corona beer is somehow related to the coronavirus, so they’re going to see a big sales hit, I think,” Susca stated.

Where to get the correct information?

If you want to learn accurate information about the virus and its effect around the world, you should go directly to sites related to the World Health Organization or your local Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as reliable news sources, to avoid being lied to and eventually misinform other people yourself.

Make sure that you know your facts before propagating them to someone else.

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