Cosmic Impact That Wiped Early Human Settlements – Evidence Is Revealed

SciTechDaily reveals that the Taqba Dam impounded the Euphrates River in northern Syria in the 1970s, an archaeological site called Abu Hureyra bore witness to the moment when the ancient nomadic people have first settled down and started to cultivate crops.

There’s a massive mound that marks the settlement, and it now lies under Lake Assad.

Before this lake was formed, experts were able to carefully extract and describe a lot of material, which includes parts of houses, tools, and foods. This is an abundance of evidence that allowed them to discover the transition to agriculture about 12,800 years ago.

This was one of the most significant events in the cultural and environmental history of our planet.

Abu Hureyra, on the other hand, has another story, according to the online publication mentioned above.

The magazine writes that “Found among the cereals and grains and splashed on early building material and animal bones were meltglass, some features of which suggest it was formed at extremely high temperatures — far higher than what humans could achieve at the time — or that could be attributed to fire, lighting or volcanism.”

A cosmic impact was probably involved – a comet

James Kennett, a UC Santa Barbara emeritus professor of geology, said that such high temperatures would melt an automobile in less than a minute. He continued and explained that such intensity could only have resulted from an extremely violent, high velocity, high energy phenomenon – this must have been something on the order of a cosmic impact.

Experts have been trying to document the direct effects of a fragmented comet on a human settlement.

The fragments are part of the same comet that might have hit Earth and exploded in the atmosphere at the end of the Pleistocene epoch, said Kennett.

It’s been also revealed that the impact might have contributed to the extinction of most large animals.

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