Crucial Universe Problem Was Just Solved – What’s Been Hiding Since The Big Bang?

An important universe-related issue has just been solved, and this will make a lot of science enthusiasts happy.

CNET reveals that half of the normal matter in the universe has been hiding since the Big Bang, and it seems that astronomers have just detected it for the very first time.

It’s been also revealed that mysterious signals from the deep space have been used to solve this puzzle.

A massive discovery was made 

The online publication mentions Jean-Pierre Macquart, who arrived home from work one night back in 2019. He was crazy with excitement back then, and the reason was a crucial one –  he helped solve a decades-old cosmic mystery with the help of a team of international astronomers.

He was anxious to tell his wife the amazing thing that had happened. He was able to successfully weighted the universe for the very first time – it seems that it was discovered where half of all the normal dark matter was hiding.

The online pubcalition mentions that in a new study, published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, Macquart, and a team of international astronomers are addressing this massive discovery for the first time.

The experts revealed the ways in which a strange stream of signals that have been sent from deep space have helped solving a lingering mystery about the normal matter in the universe. They realized that the bursts could be used to detect the missing matter.

Here’s what CNET writes: “The universe is made up of “ordinary matter,” dark matter and dark energy. The latter constituents make up around 95% of the known universe and are incredibly mysterious. We know they exist, but we’ve never been able to detect them.”

The ordinary matter is called baryonic matter, and it’s what we’re all made of and also what makes the stars, planets, and galaxies.

We suggest that you check out the study in order to find all the details about this massive discovery.

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