Curiosity’s Latest Discovery On Mars Brings Enthusiasm Among Scientists Amidst The Coronavirus Crisis On Earth

The search for alien life on Mars has been going on despite the global crisis that we’re having here on Earth. This quest also seems to have taken a new interesting twist lately.

Experts who are analyzing the data that’s sent back by the NASA Curiosity rover have found evidence that there are some organic molecules called thiophenes which on Earth are a result of various biological processes.

Life on Mars evidence? 

Experts are not claiming that these are proof of the existence of life on the Red Planet, but this discovery is definitely intriguing. The finding is called, as cited by the online publication EarthSky, “consistent with the presence of early life on Mars.”

These findings were revealed by experts from the Washington State University, and the paper has been published in the journal Astrobiology on February 24, 2020.

The online publication mentioned above also notes that on our planet, thiophenes “are often found in coal, crude oil, kerogen, and even a species of mushrooms called white truffles. They can also be found in stromatolites and microfossils.”

It’s been also revealed that on the Red Planet, on the other hand, they were found by Curiosity, along with other organics, in a formation that’s called the Murray Formation.

The paper that we just mentioned above is analyzing some of the ways that thiophenes could be created on the Red Planet, biologically or abiotically. The latter means without life.

Astrobiologist Dirk Schulze-Makuch who is one of the two authors, stated the following:

“We identified several biological pathways for thiophenes that seem more likely than chemical ones, but we still need proof. If you find thiophenes on Earth, then you would think they are biological, but on Mars, of course, the bar to prove that has to be quite a bit higher.”

We recommend that you check out the original article in order to learn more details. You should also check out the study as well.

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