Dark Emulator Might Prove the Existence of Dark Matter

Physics, as we know, it has “dark holes” of unknown mysteries. It might sound like a metaphor, but it is not. The Standard Model of particle physics leaves some phenomena unexplained, and that stops it from becoming a complete theory of fundamental interactions.

Among other mysteries, one that accounts for the accelerating expansion of the Universe is described as dark energy. The Standard Model doesn’t contain any viable dark matter particles.

That is about to change due to the new Japanese Artificial Intelligence system. It was developed with the help of the world’s fastest astrophysics-simulation supercomputers. For three years, the supercomputer gathered a database for the AI to use.

About the Dark Emulator

The Dark Emulator, as the scientists nicknamed it, is a simulator. It simulates nothing less than the Universe. It tries to give answers about the Universe’s origins and looks.

It might estimate the universal edges. All that means that the new AI must bring actual proof about the dark matter’s existence and the dark energy influence in universal laws.

If the Dark Emulator makes the scientific rigor, observation, and measurement regarding the existence of dark matter possible, that will reconcile the dispersed theories about the Universe. A unified theory of the universe is at stake.

What is dark matter?

It was never seen, and its existence is still presumptuous. It is presumed to be a form of matter to account for approximately 85% of the matter in the universe and about a quarter of its total energy density.

It is also thought to have had a strong influence on the Universe’s structure and evolution. Dark energy is the only scientific explanation for which many galaxies don’t fly apart, or how they formed, why they move as they do.

Without a large amount of dark matter, the Universe couldn’t exist. Or, better said, we couldn’t reasonably accept its existence.

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