Dark Energy Survey Releases its First Batch of Collected Data

The Dark Energy Survey is an advanced initiative that seeks to track down dark energy that can be found within Space and to learn more about it. In the last six years, over 10% of the sky has been mapped with the help of an advanced camera.

Among the features, we can count an impressive resolution of 570 million pixels along with five optical filters that can convey valuable data.

An international team composed of over 400 researchers from seven countries is hard at work on the project, and the first batch of data was released in 2019. It is worth noting that most of the universe is filled with massive voids. These voids are highlighted by the fact that they tend to have accessible dynamics, which makes them an excellent target for the observation of cosmological parameters.

The Dark Energy Survey Releases its First Batch of Collected Data

One of the members of the DES team who contributed to a research paper has offered more information about the way in which researchers collect and interpret data. Complicated 2-D and 3-D maps provide the ability to explore the positions of relevant galaxies and some of their traits.

It is mentioned in the paper that the two methods of observation are even better when they are used in a complementary manner. The research task is also facilitated by the presence of simple physics patterns in void environments as the amount of light generated by stars scales proportionally with their mass. Scientists theorize that void with a diameter ranging between 100 and 600 million light-years should allow them to observe the mass-light relationship in an accurate way.

Dark matter and dark energy remain some hot topics among the scientific community since the lack of data prevents researchers from offering a definite conclusion related to the elusive substance. Select theories infer that up to 85% of the universe consists of black matter. More data could be uncovered in the future.

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