Darwin’s Origin Of Life Theory Might Be Wrong – Here’s The New Theory

Historical records reveal that Charles Darwin was never 100% certain about the origins of life.

The Next Web details that he believed life could have spontaneously formed in a “warm pool of water” but which had the ideal chemical makeup.

People stuck to this for the past two centuries, as the online pubcalition mentioned above notes.

Experts are coming up with a different theory 

Now, it’s been reported that a team of experts from the University College London come up with a completely different theory.

Researchers have recreated the primordial circumstances under which life might have popped up, and they believe that this occurred in deep-sea hydrothermal vents.

In a study that’s been just published, the team of experts proved the “successful creation of protocells in an alkaline sea water-like environment.”

To put things more straightforward, experts have been able to show that it’s possible for life to spontaneously evolve in craggy vents that are littered deep in the ocean.

In such a location, the trapped heat would lead to the following effect: chemicals swirling and reacting.

The online publication mentioned above notes that this is turning Darwin and other experts’ notions of life evolving from chemicals bubbling in something pretty shallow.

Science Daily reveals that the study’s lead author, Nick Lane, stated the following:

“There are multiple competing theories as to where and how life started. Underwater hydrothermal vents are among the most promising locations for life‘s beginnings — our findings now add weight to that theory with solid experimental evidence.”

Other theories

There are other theories regarding life on Earth. Not too long ago, we addressed another one.

It’s been just reported that an asteroid which was 3,000 times bigger than the space rock which led to the extinction of dinosaurs hit another space rock about 470 million years ago and it may have led to an increase in new species.

The Next Web also revealed another theory: astrobiologists have an even bigger theory: life originated on Mars and was transported to Earth via an asteroid.

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