Deep Sea Coral Gardens Found In Unexpected Mysterious Places

Experts have recently discovered some pretty amazing gardens of deep-sea corals in the mysterious Bremer Canyon Marine Park in Australia during an expedition.

Researchers from the University of Western Australia (UWA) led this really important mission, and it’s also worth noting that these discoveries were made possible by the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s (SOI) deep-sea remotely operated vehicle, SuBastian.

The vehicle is able to sample depths to 4,500 meters.

Analyzing samples from huge depths and continental shelves revealed that the team strategically collected deep-sea corals, associated fauna, seawater, and geological samples from the abyssal depths (almost 4,000 meters) to the continental shelf (almost 200 meters).

The same website quotes the experts and reveals the following: “We have already made a number of remarkable discoveries from the Bremer Canyon,” according to Julie Trotter, the Chief Scientist from UWA who led the expedition.

She reportedly continued and explained that “The vertical cliffs and ridges support a stunning array of deep-sea corals that often host a range of organisms and form numerous mini-ecosystems.”

It’s important to note the fact that these huge new discoveries are part of a massive package of biological, geological, and bathymetric data.

Also, it’s worth addressing the fact that the deeper waters in the three oceans that are surrouding Australia, including the most significant barrier reef and submarine canyons in the world, are not explored enough.

Exploring the Bremer, Leeuwin, and Perth canyons

“The expedition explored the Bremer, Leeuwin, and Perth canyons, all of which have extensive fossil coral deposits,” according to the website mentioned above.

Experts also noted that this has a lot of global implications, especially because these waters have their origins around Antarctica.

The Bremer Canyon is facing the Southern Ocean, and it’s able to provide tons of essential data on the recent and past histories of climate change and also ocean conditions in this specific area.

This also provides more info on global scale events.

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