Dinosaurs Mass Extinction Was Not Caused by an Asteroid Collision

It is mainly believed that an asteroid collision on Earth was the culprit behind the mass extinction of the dinosaurs, but now, new research says that was not the case at all.  

Express reports that experts from the University of Rhode Island carried out a study on what may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs that is believed to have taken place about 66 million years ago. They discovered that the widely spread belief of a sudden asteroid clash was not the cause of their extinction; neither was the hypothesis of climate change at that time.  

Their discoveries implied that the extinction was not sudden and simultaneous, but slowly, over time. The team of researchers analyzed sediments that were dating back as far as 227 to 205 million years ago at the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.   

Professor David Fastovsky of URI said: “In the end, we concluded that neither the asteroid impact nor climate change had anything to do with the extinction and that the extinction was certainly not as it had been described – abrupt and synchronous. In fact, it was diachronous and drawn out.”

Elephant-Sized Sloth Remains in Ecuador

The team went to the sites where known fossils were initially found and dated their age using the position within the rock samples. They then measured an estimate of when exactly the dinosaurs become extinct, discovering that some groups already died out millions of years before the asteroid impact, while other species such as the desmatosuchus and the smilosuchus went extinct a few million years after the asteroid event.  

Moreover, it was earlier reported that paleontologists in Ecuador discovered fossilized bones of 22 sloths that were dated back to the Ice Age. They found the remains of Panamerican ground sloths, which re said to have a similar size to that of an elephant, in a dig at the Tanque Loma site, located on the Santa Elena peninsula. 

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