Dolphin Males Cooperate To Protect Their Fertile Females

Dolphin males are trying the most unconventional ways to protect their fertile females. They can even band together in order to protect an exposed mate and his partner. What is even more intriguing is that researchers have discovered that dolphins can coordinate themselves by calling each other. For giving instructions on their actions, they use special “popping” calls. This is the first evidence ever to demonstrate that animals can communicate using vocal signals.

Humans use vocal signals to communicate or to coordinate their daily tasks. Actions include dancing or marching and their purpose is to demonstrate unity and to intimidate the other groups. Other animals use vocal commands to display their emotions. For example, fireflies usually light up at the same time to show which male is the most attractive. This is probably more competitive than cooperative but is another example of synchronized displays of animals.

Dolphin Males And Their Way To Protect Their Females

The research was performed on the dolphins of Shark Bay, situated in Western Australia, at 800 kilometers north of Perth. The study analyzed the behavior of groups of maximum 14 dolphin males that formed friendships for life. their primary purpose was safeguarding the females of some other males to assure them a safe environment for raising their children. The dolphins were swimming and surfacing at unison to guard the females and this happened even if it was only one female at a time.

The result of the research was that during their job, the dolphins were emitting a unique “popping” call. There were 49 short sounds, with 10 per second, that were displayed over and over again. When the dolphin males were popping together, their time and tempo remained the same. Therefore, the sound that the dolphins do has the purpose of enhancing cooperation and of communicating between them to ensure their females’ protection.

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