Donald Trump Will Win the 2020 Elections, Renowned Scholar Predicts

Although it is pretty early to say who will win the 2020 elections in the United States, Professor Tom Meyer, a renowned college lecturer and public speaker, just stated that Donald Trump is the candidate expected to win the political campaign.

The professor added that the current President will also lead the country through a ‘golden age’ of economic affluence after it wins the elections. Donald Trump has encountered massive criticism for his way of managing the coronavirus crisis with most polls giving him disapproval ratings of about 50 percent.

Another Mandate in the White House for Trump

However, Tom Meyer stated that he correctly predicted the surprising election in 2016 when Donald Trump won and believes the American President will have another term in the White House during which he will lead the country to economic prosperity.

Another claim made by Professor Meyer is rather surprising as he said the U.S. President is the first in a series of American presidents who will carry the Trump name.

He told “I believe the Biblical gift of prophecy – the revelation of God to men – ceased with the Apostolic Age. Therefore I do not have an oracle from God concerning the upcoming American election. But I will share with you what I think will happen. After all, I, along with a few others, did predict Donald J . Trump would win the 2016 American election when no one else thought it was a remote possibility.”

As per Professor Meyer, the President will win the 2020 elections in the United States in an ‘epic landslide,’ as it fights democrat Joe Biden for the position in the White House. The election is set to take place on November 3rd.

President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence, Washington, D.C [Image: History in HD]
On the other hand, a model designed by Oxford Economics seems to imply that Donald Trump will likely be defeated. The model allegedly examined the President’s chances of reelection, considering some factors such as national inflation, disposable income, and unemployment rates.

Oxford Economics wrote in its report: “It would take nothing short of an economic miracle for pocketbooks to favor Trump.”

However, if we’re to consider statistics and real data, the highest unemployment rates in the last three decades were registered during Barack Obama’s administration, as clearly shown on multiple statistics websites, with the highest record hitting 9.6 percent in 2010. The lowest rates in unemployment in the U.S. for the last 30 years were recorded during Donald Trump’s presidency.

The First Female President of the United States

Still, the United States is now facing an economic decline as millions of people have claimed unemployment as of May, due to the pandemic. Professor Meyer, though, believes that the country will recover with Trump as President.

He said: “America will then continue its advancement into a golden age of unparalleled wealth and power, the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the Roman Empire.”

The professor also stated that Trump will secure its legacy with his daughter Ivanka Trump becoming the first female President of the United States. As the current President is ‘draining the swamp’ of corrupt politicians, Ivanka ‘can have peace on all sides, domestically speaking.’

“Raised up for such a time as this, I also foresee the possibility of President Ivanka Trump bringing about international peace by mediating the peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians and, with the help of Israel and her father’s Arab allies, smiting Iran,” Professor Meyer said.

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