Donald Trump’s Order Encourages The US To Mine The Moon

Earth is under attack, and the enemy is the same for everyone on the planet – the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, the US President Donald Trump has something else on his mind, amidst the global crisis.

The US is encouraged to mine the Moon 

He just signed an executive order that encourages the US to mine the Moon for minerals.

This executive order is making it really clear that the US does not view space as a “global commons” and opens the way for the mining of the moon without any international treaty, according to the latest reports coming from The Guardian.

“Americans should have the right to engage in commercial exploration, recovery, and use of resources in outer space,” the order stated.

It also noted that the US had never signed a 1979 agreement known as the moon treaty. It’s also important to highlight the fact that this agreement is stipulating that any activities in space could conform to international law.

Back in 2015, the US Congress passed a law that was allowing American companies to use resources taken from the moon and from space rocks such as asteroids as well.

Mars and other celestial bodies are in the cards 

Trump’s executive order said that the US would object to all attempts to use international law to hinder its efforts to remove chunks of the Moon. According to the same order, this will apply to Mars as well and other celestial bodies also.

You should check out the complete article posted by The Guardian in order to read more details on the matter.

Also, we suggest you take a look at the official order as well.

The Moon was in the spotlight the other day as well when it’s been revealed that NASA just detailed plans to set up a base on the Moon.

From there, the space agency wants to send astronauts to explore the Red Planet, all of this being a part of the Artemis program.

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