“Doomsday Glacier” Is In Big Trouble, Scientists Fear – Potential Sea-Level Rise Of Over 10 Feet

Another pretty apocalyptic scenario seems to be lurking around the Internet these days, but let’s hope that it doesn’t turn into reality.

It’s been just revealed that there’s a study made by the British and American scientists which says that there’s a huge sheet of ice that is called the “doomsday glacier.”

This is reportedly melting faster than scientists have previously believed – in other words, this could take the world closer to a potential sea-level rise of over 10 feet.

Raw Story online publication writes that experts at New York University and the British Antarctic Survey drilled through nearly 2,000 feet of ice in the Thwaites glacier in West Antarctica.

“The plan was to measure temperatures at the 75-mile wide ice sheet’s “grounding line,” where the ice meets the ocean,” according to the online publication.

It’s been revealed that the water beneath the ice was 32 degrees Fahrenheit which is more than two degrees above the freezing temperature in the Antarctic region.

Implications for the global sea-level rise

NYU expert David Holland said that this finding has massive implications for the global sea-level rise.

350.org co-founder and author Bill McKibben was among the climate action campaigners who expressed a massive worry over the new study. Here’s what the man tweeted:

Experts also said that the water beneath this glacier could be even warmer in some areas.

Someone responded the following to the tweet: “Hmm. This isn’t going to end well for the ice. It’s time we thought about embracing the rising sea levels instead of fearing them. I think it would be easier to colonize Earth than colonize Mars. We have 70% of our planet we dont live on, above or under. Maybe we should.”

Another Twitter user said: “Climate Propaganda at its best: For the first time NASA drilled a hole to measure the water temperature below the ice, they found out that it was 2° above freezing temp (obviously, otherwise it would’ve been frozen,) 100s of active volcanoes have been discovered under ice.”

The glacier is associated with Doomsday due to the high speed at which it’s melting. Check out more interesting data on this issue in the original article.

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