Earth and Moon Viewed At The Same Time [VIDEO]

A planetary scientist, James O’Donoghue, has used the NASA imagery collection on the lunar topography to show humans how the Earth looks like from the Moon. As humans, we are stuck on the surface of our orbiting planet, and our perception of the objects in the outer space is slightly limited.

The closes external space object that we can see is the Moon, which shines back at us. O’Donoghue’s new project represents a movie that displays how our natural satellite sees the Earth. It is a high-resolution video that features a series of lunar images, revealing at the same time the presence of the Moon in the outer space, as seen from our planet.

The Earth and Moon at the Same Time

Every frame of the film is a compilation of 15 minutes of the real-life time. The video, in the end, is a representation of the entire month of April this year as seen from the outer space. Nobody has ever published such an impressive and immersive cosmic perspective of the relation between our planet and its natural satellite.

The announcement was made on Twitter on O’Donoghue’s official account. There, he declared that he intended to show to the broad public the phases of the Moon, as well as its rotation around our planet, the way its size can vary and the angles from which it orbits around the Earth.

Even though the video might seem like it was specially filmed in the outer space, the images displayed are just a series of graphics captured with the help of rovers conducting their missions in the outer space.

Moreover, O’Donoghue stated that he had been asked to collaborate on a writing book. However, he mentioned that he usually spends his free time making more animations to display the impressive scenery of the Universe. You can find this fantastic video on YouTube as well.

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