Earth-like Exoplanet Was Spotted Near Us, As Scientists Revealed

What everyone knows about the space around our planet is shaking now, because the scientists found something new and exciting. Researchers have found a new exoplanet that is just like our planet and is actually close to us. The Earth-like exoplanet is orbiting a close star from our galaxy, and now this is the new object of study for scientists.

The planet is now called GJ 1252 b, and it is opening a new path for the scientist to find and understand better the stone worlds from the Milky Way. As we mentioned above, GJ 1252 b is orbiting a star close to our planet, a perfect bright star for study.

The study of the planets is practically done by studying the star that it is orbiting. So the scientists must consider the brightness of the star for more information. If a star is bright, it means that a planet is moving around the star or even in front of it.

Earth-like Exoplanet Was Spotted Near Us

Unfortunately, we are talking about happy cases, because most of the time, both the planet and the star are challenging to study. The factors can differ, but most of the time, the scientist don’t have a bright star, or the planet is too small.

The GJ 1252 b Earth-like exoplanet has passed the tests, and it’s the perfect one for further study. The planet is 66 light-years away from our world, and they found it with the help of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).

To sum up, thanks to the TESS, which is using a wide-field camera, they have discovered the planet and thought to be a transiting planet. With TESS, the scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will study the size, density, mass, and the orbit of GJ 1252 b, and not only.

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