Earth-Like Rivers On Mars Are 3.7 Billion Years Old

There’s new research that has shown the fact that billions of years ago, there was not only water that was present on the Red Planet – there were whole lakes and rivers there.

After the discovery of flowing water on the Red Planet back in 2015, experts have been able to find out even more about Mars’ history.

According to the latest news coming from BBC, it seems that the first-ever evidence that there were rivers and lakes on the surface of Mars about 3.7 billion years ago.

Experts made the discovery after studying some of the very detailed pictures that were taken of the Hellas Basin – this is a massive crater located in the south zone of the Red Planet, by Nasa’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Finding out the crater’s geology and history 

It’s also important to mention the fact that there were able to ‘read’ the rocks from the detailed images to find out its geology and history.

“It is not like reading a newspaper, but the extremely high-resolution imagery allowed us to ‘read’ the rocks as if you are standing very close to the cliff,” according to Francesco Salese, a geologist at Utrecht University in The Netherlands.

It seems that this research revealed that rivers existed on the planet for about 100,000 years and they were pretty similar to the ones that we have here on our home planet.

Experts believe that the water might have ended up there by hail or even rain, just the same way as it does on Earth.

In other news, it’s been just revealed by experts that a discovery of 4-billion-year old organic molecules that contain nitrogen in a Martian meteorite is shedding new light on the planet’s early history.

New York Post notes that there’s a meteorite called ALH 84001 that has been ejected from the surface of the red planet about 15 million years ago, experts say.

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