Ecuador Volcano Known As “The Black Giant” Might Collapse, Researchers Say

Other dangers are lurking on the planet besides the climate change, doomsday glaciers, and more.

Ecuador volcano could collapse and cause massive harm 

There’s a large volcano in Ecuador which is showing signs of potential collapse, says new research. It’s been revealed that the Tungurahua volcano aka the “The Black Giant” is showing signs of instability.

In other words, this could result in a huge landslide that could cause enormous damage to the local area, according to the latest reports published in the journal Earth & Planetary Science Letters found.

CNET notes that volcanic activity has led to the volcano’s deformation, and this means that it has to be monitored for additional signs of collapse, according to experts’ opinions.

“Using satellite data we have observed very rapid deformation of Tungurahua’s west flank, which our research suggests is caused by imbalances between magma being supplied and magma being erupted,” according to James Hickey, who is the lead researcher and addresses the subject for

“The new research has shown that this deformation can be explained by shallow, temporary magma storage beneath the west flank. If this magma supply is continued, the sheer volume can cause stress to accumulate within the volcanic cone—and so promote new instability of the west flank and its potential collapse,” according to

The volcano has been active a lot since 1999

The online publication mentioned above notes that the volcano has been active a lot since back in 1999.

It’s been revealed that about 3,000 years ago, there was an eruption that caused a partial collapse of the very same side of the volcanic cone that seems to be starting to collapse all over again.

It’s been also noted that since back then, the volcano has been rebuilt over time.

Researchers wanted to avoid massive panic, and they said that there are risks of collapse, indeed, but there are also chances that the volcano remains stable.

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