Elon Musk Substantially Boosts The SpaceX Mars Colonization Project

Elon Musk seems to be unstoppable when it comes to its space plans. Either it’s Moon or Mars, he doesn’t stop its findings for the ‘perfect’ spaceship, devices, liftoffs, human transportation, or landings. Now, he boosts the SpaceX Mars colonization project.

As the Universe could offer us many possibilities, so its Musk’s SpaceX world. Currently, he is hoping to go further with his Starship colonization project after declaring the latest major plans and ideas for recruitment. So, SpaceX is hosting quite the event, a career day, as the officials mentioned, taking place in Boca Chica, Texas.

The region is known as the area where the big spacecraft is being assembled. Musk stated: “This is mainly for staffing up four production shifts for 24/7 operations, but engineers, supervisors & support personnel are certainly needed too.”

The SpaceX Mars Colonization Project Relies On The Success Of The Starship

Starship is said to be approximately 50 meters tall. The spaceship is developed as a space vehicle for transporting humans to and from Mars, the Moon, and other regions from outer space. Starship will be liftoff from Super Heavy, a massive, advanced developed rocket, while it is capable of getting itself off the Red planet and Moon.

However, such things represent a very long and complicated way, even if Musk’s goals are higher than everything. Until now, only the prototype Starhopper has been wholly developed. It performed back in 2019 a few flights and currently is all-well and resting. SpaceX has presently sent in the necessary paperwork with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, as to be certified to liftoff a 12-mile-high test flight with Starship.

The specialists believe it will start somewhere between March and September 2020. If everything goes as planned, the SpaceX officials have declared that as the company’s first missions, which will be about carrying satellites, and it could happen next year. One customer has already purchased a place on a journey, in what would be the first commercial space trip.

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