Emperor Nero Had a Secret Chamber under His Palace, As Per New Research

After 2.000 years, a great secret of Emperor Nero appeared. Under its palace, the archaeologists found an underground chamber. The mysterious discovery brought to light during the restorations of the Domus Aurea Palace of Emperor Nero. The underground room discovered last year is not empty as we think. The room has mythical creatures adorned on the walls – a silent, solitary sphinx, among others.

Nero and His Secret Underground Chamber

The Archaeological Park of the Colosseum is behind the discovery and restoration of the Domus Aurea. Alfonsina Russo, who works as a director of the Park, is saying that recovery and research are part of a strategy for scientific research. The underground room stayed in the dark for 2.000 years, and now it has a name – the Sala Della Sfinge in Italian (the Sphinx room).

However, with plans and strategies for the exploration and restoration, the room was found by accident. Everything happens during the restoration of the palace, which has 300 rooms and a size of 300 acres, and it is dated after the Great Fire of Rome in 64 A.D. Domus Aurea or the Golden House is not the only extravagant building owned by Nero. The emperor had a luxurious life, and the building standings are the best witnesses – the Domus Transitoria and the Domus Aurea.

More about Emperor Nero

Nero was a problematic character during his reign, so he becomes a public enemy, a sentence that leads to suicide because of the death condemnation. What he left behind is a secret chamber adorned with all kinds of drawings such as centaurs, sea creatures, birds, warrior fighters, all painted in red.

Finally, because of Nero’s opulence and ideology, the Romans built after his death, other structures, and buildings such as the Colosseum over his Domus Aurea.

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