Employees Overcame Anxiety and Depression in Short Time with Behavioural Health Program

Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed with sadness? A new study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine announced that employees with depression and anxiety benefit from behavioural health programs sponsored by their working place. 

The trial provided in-house counselling for university employees and dependants for a short-time period and implied evidence-based treatments, such as medication management and psychotherapy. 

The researchers outlined valuable conclusions after five years of program, as it witnessed 1,600 episodes of mild to severe depression/anxiety amongst 900 employees. And here is what they found:

How Long Does It Take to Cure Anxiety and Depression?

The results have been classified according to the number of visits. The low “dose” of therapy contained less than eight sessions, medium – 8 to 12 sessions – and the highest implied more than 12. 

Daniel Maeng, Ph.D., and colleagues of the University of Rochester (N.Y.) Medical Center noticed that employees significantly overcame the symptoms after 8 to 12 therapy sessions, with no further improvements in this direction after 12 meetings.

[G]etting the patients in the low-dose category to make six additional visits may have a significant impact in helping them to achieve response more quickly. 

There was a 50% rate of success in regulating negative, and the results were directly proportional to the number of visits. The best outcomes were recorded by the patients placed in the medium or high-dose category. They proved to be twice as likely to develop a better response to anxiety and depression after eight to 12 sessions. 

The team of scientists recorded no additional progress after 12 sessions. Still, they stated that extended counselling might have an impact on other aspects of life, such as healthy relationships or productivity. 

The study has several limitations, such as the participation criteria, and more studies are needed to measure the full impact of the behavioural health program on candidates. Overall, the positive results urge available treatments for employers dealing with depression and anxiety, and hopefully, the employers will embrace this initiative as well. 

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