Engine Of Consciousness, Found In Monkeys’ Brains By Neuroscientists

A team of experts just found something that they called an engine of consciousness in the brain of monkeys. This is a region where a little jump start could make them wake up from anesthesia, according to the latest reports coming from LiveScience.

The website continues to write about the mysteries of consciousness, and they highlight the fact that it’s not yet known why certain creatures are awake at times, and sometimes they are asleep. Also, it’s not exactly known what mechanisms in the brain are the most important for the conscious state.

A new study finds important clues 

In a brand new study, experts found some pretty important clues about all this. They used electrodes across the brain of some awake and sleeping macaques, which were under various forms of anesthesia.

Experts found two important pathways in the brains of the monkeys for consciousness.

Scientists discovered that there’s a specific brain region that gets those pathways going – just like an engine.

The region is called the central lateral thalamus. On the other hand, the online publicaiton highlights the fact that this does not mean that scientists found the seat of consciousness in the brain.

It’s important to understand that in the context of this study, “consciousness” refers more or less to being awake.

“Consciousness” has various definitions 

“The word ‘consciousness’ has many definitions,” said Michael Graziano, a neuroscientist at Princeton University who was not working on this particular study mentioned above.

Hd continued and explained, “One way to think about consciousness is from a clinical perspective of wakefulness, arousal, and responsiveness to stimuli. In that sense, sleeping people are not conscious, and people in a coma are also not.”

It’s also important to understand that we don’t fall asleep for the same reasons we lose consciousness under anesthesia and so on.

You should check out the original article for more interesting data.

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