Enormous Black Holes Are Lurking In Dwarf Galaxies

Black holes have been fascinating the scientific world for a really long time, and now, more and more details on them are surfacing, baffling experts.

Astronomers who want to learn about the mechanisms that formed black holes in the early history of the Universe gained essential clues with the discovery of 13 such black holes in dwarf galaxies, which are less than a billion light-years from Earth.

These galaxies are more than 100 times less massive than our beloved Milky Way. In other words, they are the smallest galaxies that are known to host huge black holes.

Experts expect that the black holes in such small galaxies to have about 400,000 the mass of our Sun.

“We hope that studying them and their galaxies will give us insights into how similar black holes in the early Universe formed and then grew, through galactic mergers over billions of years, producing the supermassive black holes we see in larger galaxies today, with masses of many millions or billions of times that of the Sun,” according to Amy Reines of Montana State University.

Reines and her colleagues used the National Science Foundation’s Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) to make the discovery.

It’s also worth noting that, according to SciTechDaily, she and her team used the VLA in order to discover the very first massive black hole in a dwarf starburst galaxy back in 2011. This was a surprise to astronomers, according to the same online publication.

13 dwarf galaxies have evidence of massive black holes 

They continued and quoted Reines saying the following:

“The new VLA observations revealed that 13 of these galaxies have strong evidence for a massive black hole that is actively consuming surrounding material.”

Reines continued and explained that “We were very surprised to find that, in roughly half of those 13 galaxies, the black hole is not at the center of the galaxy, unlike the case in larger galaxies.”

You should check out the original article in order to find out more details.

A couple of days ago, it’s been revealed what are the most important black holes discoveries from the past year.

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