ESA Discovers Ultra Hot Planet That Defies All Expectations

Who said that NASA is the only space agency capable of extraordinary space exploration? The European Space Agency (ESA) also has something to say on the matter, and a recent discovery of its Cheops extrasolar mission proves it once again. After more than half a year since its deployment into space, Cheops finds an intriguing exoplanet.

Known as WASP-189 b, the new exoplanet found by ESA defies all odds: it’s incredibly hot, large, and it sits outrageously close to its host star.

The exoplanet burns at 3,200 degrees Celsius

If you thought that our neighboring hellish planet Venus is hot enough, remember that WASP-189 b is almost seven times hotter! The newfound exoplanet is considered an ultra-hot Jupiter, as it’s about the same size as the biggest planet from our solar system.

Monika Lendl from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and also the lead author of the new study, says:

“Only a handful of planets are known to exist around stars this hot, and this system is by far the brightest,

WASP-189b is also the brightest hot Jupiter that we can observe as it passes in front of or behind its star, making the whole system really intriguing.”

As for the reason why WASP-189b is so insanely hot, that’s simple: the planet is located about 20 times closer to the star it orbits than Earth is from our Sun. This allows for one year on the exoplanet to last for just 2.7 days, as that’s the time needed for the object to complete a full rotation around its star. We would advice you to celebrate New Year’s Eve almost every 3 days on WASP-189b, as you have to admit that it sounds great, but surely you wouldn’t like the bad weather.

The ESA also proved for many years that it can make a great team with NASA, as both space agencies are in charge of the Hubble Space Telescope.

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