ET News: Exoplanet Study Offers Hint We Might Not Be Alone In Space

It’s been just revealed that alien life is more likely to exist than it was previously believed. This comes after a new important study.

As you know by now, there has not been evidence that life beyond Earth has ever been found, and there also lacks proof that aliens have ever visited our believed planet.

On the other hand, this definitely doesn’t mean that the Universe is lifeless.  Even though there have not been clear signs of alien life detected, the possibility of extraterrestrial (ET) biology is growing, and it’s becoming more and more plausible.

According to the latest reports coming from, Georgia Institute of Technology astrophysicists have now added more hope of extraterrestrial evidence.

It’s been just revealed that the team modeled a theoretical twin of our planet into other solar systems dubbed binary systems due to the fact that they boast two stars.

Axis tilts similar to the one of Earth 

The results suggest 87% of exo-Earths that someone might be able to find in binary systems should have axis tilts that are similarly steady to the one of our planet.

This tilt is an important element for climate stability and it can favor the evolution of complex life.

The study can be applied to a large number of solar systems.

The online publication mentioned above also reveals that Gongjie Li, the study’s co-investigator an assistant professor at Georgia Tech’s School of Physics, stated the following:

“Multiple-star systems are common, and about 50 percent of stars have binary companion stars.”

Li reportedly continued and said: “So, this study can be applied to a large number of solar systems.”

Billy Quarles is the study’s principal investigator, and he said the following: “We simulated what it would be like around other binaries with multiple variations of the stars’ masses, orbital qualities, and so on.”

He continued and stated that “The overall message was positive but not for our nearest neighbor.”

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