Europa Discovery: Water Vapor Is Rising From Geysers On Jupier’s Moon

One of Jupiter’s 79 moons, Europa seems to have liquid water under the icy surface.

More than that, it erupts in massive geysers from time to time, and while experts have had an inkling of the presence of water there, there has not been any actual proof of it.

Water vapor detected rising out from Europa’s surface 

There’s been reported that a team of researchers from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center have detected water vapor that was rising out from Europa’s surface.

Experts have spotted the vapor after hey had spent 17 (non-consecutive) nights during 2016-2017 peering through a telescope at the W M Keck Observatory in Hawaii.

You may be aware of the fact that Europa, just like Earth’s moon is gravitationally-locked to the host planet, and the leading hemisphere is always facing the direction of the orbit.

On the other hand, the trailing hemisphere is always facing the opposite direction.

Firstpost notes that the observatory also had a spectrograph, which can measure the chemical composition of a planet’s atmosphere via infrared light, which molecules either emit or absorb.

“Compounds such as water absorb the infrared energy that finds them and emits a unique frequency that can be tracked by researchers from light-years,” according to the online publication mentioned above.

If you’re wondering whether finding water vapor on Europa is meaningful, well this has reportdly helped researchers understand it better.

They can also understand other moons by association.

Presence of water hints to ET life 

More than if water is found anywhere in space, this means that it’s a meaningful discovery because it could point out to ET life.

In other ET-related news, according to the latest reports coming from, Georgia Institute of Technology astrophysicists have now added more hope of extraterrestrial evidence.

It’s been just revealed that the team modeled a theoretical twin of our planet into other solar systems dubbed binary systems due to the fact that they boast two stars.

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