Exoplanets Rich in Carbon are made of Diamonds

Before scientists were certain that the Universe had a beginning, they also thought that our physical reality is not infinite only in time – but also in space itself. In other words, the generally accepted idea was that our Universe is infinite in size. This would theoretically mean that our Cosmos is the host of pretty much anything we can imagine ourselves, even entire planets made of diamonds.

We now know for sure that the Universe isn’t infinite in size, although what could exist beyond the boundaries can generate endless debates. But even so, entire planets made of diamonds are as real as they can be.

Suppose you plan on gathering endless amounts of diamonds for impressing your spouse. In that case, you should ask scientists from Arizona State University and the University of Chicago to find out where to find such precious objects. The scientists are betting on exoplanets that are rich in carbon, as they think the objects are made of both diamonds and silica.

According to the new study, stars that are running low on the carbon-to-oxygen ratio can host planets that are comprised of silicates and oxides. They’ll also be featuring a very small diamond content.

Exoplanets that revolve around stars that possess higher carbon-to-oxygen ratio than our sun have a great advantage. These planets have a much bigger chance of being carbon-rich. The carbon-rich exoplanets could make the conversion to diamond and silicate if water is also present, and the outcome is a diamond-rich composition.

The study was published in The Planetary Science Journal, and it was led by Harrison Allen-Sutter of ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration. His co-authors were Dan Shim, Emily Garhart, Kurt Leinenweber, Vitali Prakapenka, and Eran Greenberg.

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