Experts Find The World Cleanest Air – Here’s The Location

Experts identify the world’s cleanest air. This is free from any particles that are caused by human activity, and it’s located over the Southern Ocean which surrounds Antarctica.

This is the first study of this kind that’s analyzing the bioaerosol composition of the Southern Ocean. Experts from Colorado State University identified an atmospheric region which remained unchanged by all the human activity.

As you already know, weather and climate are closely linked and they connect each part of the world with other regions.

As the climate changes quickly because of human activity, experts and researchers are struggling to find a corner of the Earth, which is unaffected by people and dust from other continents.

Researchers discovered that the boundary layer air, which feeds the lower clouds over the Southern Ocean, was free from all kinds of aerosols that are produced by humans and these include: “burning fossil fuels, planting certain crops, fertilizer production, and wastewater disposal,” as MSN notes.

Bacteria was used as a diagnostic tool 

Experts decided to study what’s in the air and where it came from using bacteria as a diagnostic tool to infer the properties of the lower atmosphere.

According to MSN, research scientist and co-author of the study Thomas Hill explained that “the aerosols controlling the properties of SO (Southern Ocean) clouds are strongly linked to ocean biological processes, and that Antarctica appears to be isolated from southward dispersal of microorganisms and nutrient deposition from southern continents,” he said in a statement.

“Overall, it suggests that the SO is one of very few places on Earth that has been minimally affected by anthropogenic activities,” he continued and explained.

We recommend that you read all the details about the study by heading over to the original article.

Also, check out the study that was published a couple of days ago in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal.

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