Fake Coronavirus Figures In China? President Donald Trump Thinks So

US President Donald Trump reported that the death toll and infections in China from coronavirus seem “a little bit on the light side.” More analysts have said that the reports coming from China are definitely not accurate regarding infections and deaths.

US lawmakers and members of the intelligence community have accused Beijing of intentionally under-reporting the scale of this terrible outbreak.

“The numbers seem to be a little bit on the light side – and I am being nice when I say that – relative to what we witnessed and what was reported,” the US president stated recently about China’s officially reported figures.

The Guardian reported that Trump was responding to questions about leaked intelligence, reported by Bloomberg, that concluded Beijing had under-reported figures.

“As to whether or not their numbers are accurate,” Trump said, “I am not an accountant from China.”

It’s been also revealed that the classified intelligence report and the comments coming from the US president are echoing various questions that have been voices within and also outside of China.

China changed the criteria for confirmed cases 

The Guardian also said that China has already changed the criteria for a confirmed case. Until this week, it seems that the criteria didn’t include patients who tested positive for the virus, but did not show any symptoms.

You may also be aware of the fact that this week there have been images with thousands of urns being delivered to families in Wuhan which is the center of the outbreak. This was another issue that triggered more speculation about the real figures regarding the death toll.

We recommend that you check out the complete article written by The Guardian in order to find out more details.

Regarding the same coronavirus issue, earlier today, we reported that something is going on during this pandemic that came as a shock.

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