Fiery Asteroid Exploded Over Canada

A fascinating event took place in Canada during the night of February 10, as more than sixty people observed a spectacular ball of fire, a fiery asteroid, which traveled across the night sky.

A large number of sightings were to the International Meteor Organization, and many of the witnesses stated that they have never seen something so impressive in the past. The description mentions a fireball with a green color followed by orange sparks that were released from the tail.

Asteroids and meteors will start to burn when they reach the atmosphere of our planet as they encounter resistance in the form of friction. Some of them will burn so intensely that they explode, and rain of burning fragments will arrive on the surface.

According to researchers, fragments with a size that is larger than one millimeter will start to burn upon reaching the atmosphere, releasing a bright light during the process.

Space Agencies Work On Developing Defense Methods Against Any Dangerous Asteroid

A meteorite that burns but manages to land on the surface without exploding, like a meteor and it will be recovered by scientists for further analysis.

It is thought that chances of an impact between Earth and a dangerous object are quite small. Still, NASA and other space agencies are hard at work on the development of emergency response tools that could be used to avoid a risky event in the future.

The theme of a fatal collision between our planet and a massive asteroid has been explored in several movies and novels, with some of them offering daring tools that were used to solve the situation at the last moment.

However, many of the methods depicted in these contexts cannot be used practically, since the risks could be too high or the actual chances of success are considerably lower. Several videos showcase the magnificent fireball that has been shared across the internet and can be found easily.

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