Fighting Doomsday: MIT Scientists Find New Way To Deflect Killer Asteroids

Everyone knows by now that about 66 million years ago, a space rock hit Earth and led to the extinction of dinosaurs.

People’s greatest fear is that this could happen again, and even if NASA keeps reassuring humanity and says that chances we get hit by a killer asteroid are near zero, the threat still makes some people sick to the stomach.

Since the dinosaur’s extinction, there hasn’t been any giant space rock that came as close to our home planet, but, according to IBTimes, experts say that this will definitely happen sometime in the future, even if it’s not the near future.

Working to save the planet from potential disaster 

Of course, threats from deep space continue, but meanwhile, work is being constantly made in order to protect the planet.

For instance, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have suggested a new way to save the planet from potential disasters caused by space rock hits.

Scientists at MIT are reportedly convinced that the best option by which our planet can be saved is by “nudging an approaching asteroid from its collision course trajectory,” according to the reports coming from the online publication mentioned above.

Fighting asteroid before the keyhole passage 

A scientist at MIT names Wook Paek said that approaching space rocks that pose a danger to Earth could be fought before the keyhole passage.

He said that this is the best way to prevent debris from rain and more chaotic effects.

It’s important to note that the keyhole passage is also known as the gravitational keyhole, and it’s the area in space where space rocks are affected by the gravity of the planet.

“People have mostly considered strategies of last-minute deflection when the asteroid has already passed through a keyhole and is heading toward a collision with Earth,” the expert said.

He continued and explained that “I’m interested in preventing keyhole passage well before impact. It’s like a preemptive strike, with less mess. A keyhole is like a door — once it’s open, the asteroid will impact Earth soon after, with high probability.”

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