Finsen Crater’s Geologic Age Revealed: New Research Emerges

finsen crater research

According to recent research, the absolute model age, also known as AMA, or geologic age of Finsen crater on the Moon’s far is approximately 3.5 billion years based on the crater counting method. 

Based on that model age, the regolith increase rate at the Chang’e-4 landing site and the crater decay rate within the Finsen crater have also been measured. Here is everything you need to know.

The Formation Age of Finsen Crater Reexamined

Even if previous research has unveiled that the Finsen crater ejecta is the main source of matter measured inside the Von Karman crater, the formation age of the Finsen crater is still debated. 

A research team conducted by Prof. Di Kaichang from the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Sciences, Aerospace Information Research Insitute (AIR) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), realized new investigations. 

The team utilized probe Chang’e-2 digital elevation model (DEM) and digital orthophoto map (DOM) data in their research. They sketched a flat and homogenous spot on the ground of Finsen crater and manually mapped craters in the outlined location. 

The Finsen crater’s AMA was concluded by fitting the collected crater size-frequency distribution (CSFD) to standard lunar cratering chronology. Both differential and cumulative fits unveiled an AMA of approximately 3.5Ga, showing Finsen crater was Imbrium-aged.

Other Observations and Measurements

The team further measured the current depth of 25 largest craters within that outlined spot via a profile-average-depth method. The estimated crater degradation rate within the Finsen crater was around 21 ± 3 m/Gyr. 

That rate has the same degree of magnitude to that on the lunar maria (approximately 23 m/Gyr), showing lunar craters might have the same degradation rate on a global scale. 

However, it is one of the most slower rates examined so far. For example, on Vesta, the degradation rate reaches 350 m/Gyr, while on Gespra, 100-1000 m/Gyr. 

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