Fireball Lit Up The Night Skies Over Several US States

On March 25, around 10:40 p.m. EDT, a smoke tow could have been seen on the night sky of several US states. Residents from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York reported that they witnessed a color-changing fireball crossing the sky.

The American Meteor Society receives seven different reports on the event. The common belief: it must have been a meteorite entering the atmosphere.

The interference with the atmosphere causes the object to burst into a meteor. Friction, pressure, and chemical interactions with the atmospheric gases are the ones lightening the piece of debris and making it look like a shooting star or falling star.

The visibility in some of the states, such as Pennsylvania, was impaired due to the clouds in the sky. Dan D., a Pennsylvania resident, stated: “I’ve seen shooting stars and this was definitely not the same,” he noted in his report.

The International Meteor Organization explained the fireball

“It looked like one at first, but then it popped colors, mainly blue when it seemed to me to have entered the atmosphere, and it was traveling away from me, north, I believe, and it just quickly faded away,” Dan D. added.

The International Meteor Organization (IMO) official description of the meteorite-meteor metamorphose is consistent with the eyewitness’ description of the nocturnal event. Founded in 1988, the International Meteor Organization “was created in response to an ever-growing need for international cooperation of meteor amateur work.”

Scientists say that the piece of debris must be at least 1 mm large to cause a visible effect. Most of the meteors are so tiny that by the time they would impact Earth’s surface, there is nothing left of them. Only a few of them are to be feared to create an impact crater.

“Due to the velocity at which they strike the Earth’s atmosphere, fragments larger than 1 millimeter can produce a bright flash as they streak through the heavens above,” says the IMO, describing the fireball over several US states.

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