Fireball Over California Proven To Be A Meteor That Hit Earth’s Atmosphere At 35,000 Mph

A space rock that entered the atmosphere of our planet last week offered a fiery spectacle on the night sky over California. The event has been confirmed by the American Meteor Society and classified as a fireball event. It took place on January 30 at around 1.30 a.m. EST.

Since a fireball event is quite visible even during the day, the AMS received lots of reports from curios people who spotted the object as it traveled across the sky, with many witnesses being located in San Diego and Los Angeles.

A lot of videos and photos were also shared across several popular media platforms, sparking heated debates among users.

Initial footage inferred that the fireball might have been generated by orbital debris that managed to reach the atmosphere of our planet. This theory was reinforced by the fact that the fireball fragmented into several pieces while traveling through the atmosphere.

The fireball was a meteor that hit the atmosphere at 35,000 Mph

After further research, experts concluded that the fireball event was powered by a meteor that moved at an impressive speed of 35,000 miles per hour. The AMS received an official statement that mentions the new facts, but there are a few details that remain elusive for now.

For example, the size of the object remains a mystery. Still, it had to surpass a specific limit to be able to burn in the atmosphere instead of disintegrating after entrance. Large objects can burn for several forces before they are destroyed or crash into the surface.

This event may have been harmless, but several space agencies are hard at work on the development of pre-emptive security measures that will help humanity to keep the planet safe if an asteroid will follow a collision course.

Several promising solutions are being developed, and some will be tested in the following years. Those who want to look at videos of the event can find them quite easily on social media and video hosting platforms.

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