Flu-Like Global Pandemic Could Kill 80 Million People In Less Than 48 Hours

According to a team of researchers, an outbreak of an illness which share the traits of flu could kill up to 80 million people in less than 48 hours. A global pandemic would take the world by storm, according to a report elaborated by a panel of researchers led by the former chief of the World Health Organization. The committee, which is known under the name of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, stated that the world faces a high risk of pandemics.

A fast pathogen which can spread around easily could infect millions of people, bring global economies to a stop, and compromise national security. The destructive potential of a lethal pathogen is highlighted within the document. Since the world continues to become interconnected the risk will continue to grow.

It is estimated that the theorized virus could destroy up to 5% of the global economy, sparking social troubles. Diseases which are prone to cause epidemics, among which we can count Ebola, SARS, flu, and others become increasingly harder to keep in check as civil conflicts and forced migration patterns disrupt the world.

A flu-like global pandemic could kill eighty million people in 48 hours

Select countries and government agencies have strived to anticipate and prepare for an outbreak since a massive Ebola outbreak took place in West Africa from 2014-2016. However, even these efforts are insufficient in the case of a real epidemic. Such an event would compromise many national health systems, especially in emerging countries.

Underdeveloped health systems and poverty exacerbate the potential of outbreaks and contribute to the appearance of conditions which favor the pandemics. Governments are advised to spend more money on improving the capabilities of the health systems, and additional funding should be granted for the development of new technologies, including those focused on tactical advantages like communications and coordination.

The WHO has released a warning which mentions that another pandemic of flu will take place this year, and people should be prepared.

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