Gamma-ray Emissions Were Spotted Among Two Very Active Galaxies

A team of Chinese researchers has announced that a surprising amount of gamma-ray emissions in two star-forming galaxies. These galaxies are known under the name of M33 and Arp 299, and it is theorized that the new data could play an essential role in the case of future research focused on high-energy emissions.

Gamma rays will often surface due to the interaction between cosmic rays and interstellar gas. It is well known that star-forming galaxies house an impressive amount of cosmic rays, and their observation could convey significant information about extragalactic gamma-ray emission.

However, the number of star-forming galaxies were gamma rays can be found in abundance is quite low, and researchers strive to evaluate and observe suitable candidates. The team of researchers announced that they discovered two galaxies, which were located with the help of the IRAS Revised Bright Galaxies Sample and data provided by the Fermi spacecraft.

Chinese Scientists Studied Gamma-Ray Emissions From Two Active Galaxies

An initial set of data was obtained from IRAS TRevised Bright Galaxies Sample and then filtered by using data from Fermi. The scientists performed a complex sequence of analysis for a selection of suitable galaxies and found two new sources of gamma-ray energy, which match the locations of M33 and Arp 299.

Also known as Messier 33, Me33 is the third largest galaxy that is a part of the Local Group, and it can be found at a distance of approximately 2.73 million years away from Earth. Situated at more than 130 million light-years away, Arp 299 is one of the most actively star-forming galaxies within the local universe.

Arp 299 also sports an interesting trait in the form of a variable gamma-ray flux, which could be influenced by the presence of obscure galactic nuclei. This means that the AGN could cause some of the emissions. A paper was published in a scientific journal, and further research will take place in the future.

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